Opera Mediaworks adds native ad support to its mobile exchange

Opera Mediaworks is getting on-board the native wagon with the announcement of a new private, premium, mobile native ad exchange.
Demand partners include the likes of Appsfire, AppList, TapSense, Facebook, HeyZap and NativeAd.com, while in-app inventory from publishers such as Demand Media, Gogii Games and Cut the Rope dev ZeptoLab, make-up the majority of its launch supply partners. Up until now Opera Mediaworks’ Exchange had just focused on programmatic display and video on its OMAX exchange, which launched back in 2014.
Opera’s president of publisher services Mark Fruehan said:

“Programmatic buying has become top of mind for both publishers and advertisers for very good reason. It’s a more workflow efficient environment that automates the often lengthy insertion order process and brings greater audience insight to premium ad buys. Combining that efficiency with the proven impact of native ad units is extremely exciting.”

Opera Mediaworks is a bit of a latecomer to mobile native exchange party. We saw a number of similar announcements last year, such as the InMobi Exchange, OpenX back in February, NativeX’s game-focused exchange and the native exchange from MoPub/Twitter. It’s interesting to see how rapidly the issue of scale and native is being tackled, as just a year or two ago many thought this issue could be a barrier to the format’s progression.
Opera Mediaworks has high hopes for its exchange, claiming it “allows for deeper, integrated brand placements” that “stand out from the highly commoditized mobile banner.” You can find out more over on the Opera Mediworks website.

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