OpenX, Sizmek and AdSecure roll out new products and updates

OpenX launches video header bidding solution

OpenX, the ad tech provider, this week rolled out a new video header bidding solution for its Prebid technology. The addition allows partners access to the company’s premium video exchange. At the same time, it gives publishers an option to monetise their video inventory on OpenX whilst existing publishers will gain access to a quality marketplace.

Beta testing noted an average jump in revenue of 55% and some partners noted CPMs 35% above those of competitors.

“We are delighted to have OpenX join the board,” said Michael Richardson, Chairman of “As an independent industry organization, we welcome OpenX’s experience and collaboration on key areas of focus for Prebid, in our ongoing commitment to providing high quality and transparent tools for publishers.”

Sizmek revamps demand side platform using the power of AI

Advertising platform Sizmek recently announced an overhaul to its demand side platform (DSP) to include an artificial intelligence (AI) component. The enhancements include added transparency and insights into ad campaigns, greater control and efficiency for managing budgets and programmatic spending.

“We heard our clients’ feedback and worked with them hand-in-hand to design the new DSP. Agencies want more control and efficiency, and demand the offerings from technology partners strengthen their overall value proposition,” explained Mark Grether, CEO of Sizmek.

“More than that, we often hear the misconception in our industry that AI can replace people. Our DSP and products are all about enabling our clients to make smarter decisions and differentiate themselves in the market. Our success is rooted in how we bring data, creative and media together – all powered by AI.  The Sizmek DSP incorporates all of those offerings into one platform.”

AdSecure adds detection of auto-redirected ad formats to ad verification tool

AdSecure, the ad verification tool used by ad networks, recently added a feature that detects auto-redirected ad formats. The latter is often used by cyber criminals and fraudsters in an effort to distribute malicious ads.

Users exposed to the format are redirected to websites without their permission upping the engagement rate on an advert. Banner adverts are one format suffering from auto-redirects.

AdSecure’s Product Manager Mat Derval commented:

“These malicious auto-redirect ads used to only affect junk websites, but recently auto-redirects have been placed on reputable websites including The New York Times amongst others. AdSecure’s team and our technology has enabled us to quickly develop and get to market the software needed to detect this malicious ad format. Ad platforms and publishers that use AdSecure’s all in one malware detection package benefit from keeping their users safe from being exposed to malicious ad formats.”


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