OpenX launches Bidder for Apps to extend header bidding for app developers

Anne Freier | February 29, 2016

Mobile Advertising

OpenX, the provider of programmatic advertising marketplaces, announced the launch of OpenX Bidder for Apps, as an extension of its bidder solution for desktop and mobile web. Bidder for Apps increases demand and competition for mobile app inventory in order to drive higher yield for mobile app publishers.
OpenX launches Bidder for Apps
The solution integrates the same technology as OpenX Bidder for desktop and mobile web, with native participation from the company’s Ad Exchange.
Justin Re, Director of Product Management, OpenX, says:
justin re

“Extending our market leading bidder solution to the app environment is a natural next step as mobile rapidly becomes a larger part of the pie for publishers and OpenX alike. Bidder for Apps leverages our unique depth of knowledge on the mechanics of header bidding technology, which produces sustained revenue lifts from 20 to 50 percent for our desktop and mobile web publishers; we’re excited to now offer a product that will deliver equally exceptional results for our mobile app publishers.”

In addition, the solution allows multiple ad networks to compete at the same time with real-time buyers in OpenX Ad Exchange to reduce latency and potential opportunity costs from traditional mediation. Alongside Bidder for Apps, this provides a solid advertising set for app publishers and developers .
The company recently celebrated a 100% year-on-year growth in mobile as well as record revenue and net income profitability for 2015. Mobile app revenue rose 300%. OpenX says its CPMs are 50% higher on mobile app than on mobile web.
Steve Gendreau, AdOps Manager, Under Armour Connected Fitness, who uses OpenX, adds:
steve gendreau

“Since incorporating OpenX into our demand stack last year, we’ve seen a great fill rate and a steady climb in revenue. As a result we’ve continually adjusted their position in our stack to a higher priority.”

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