Online ad revenue in Australia jumps 4.9% bolstered by mobile and video formats

Mobile and video continue to drive online ad performance with revenues expected to increase 4.9% in Australia in 2019.

According to the latest IAB Australian Online Advertising Expenditure Report, video is expected to increase 15% year-on-year, whilst mobile is forecast to grow 26%.

Meanwhile, classified formats are predicted to grow 7% year-on-year.

“There is little doubt that the advertising market is tough across all platforms, but within the breadth of digital advertising there were still bright spots. The classifieds sector again had a strong March quarter and the display market saw an increased share for government/political spend which will continue into the June quarter numbers. Yet again video continues to gain share in the display sector,” explained Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia.

Search and directories maintained a share of 44% in the online ad market at $977.6 million during Q1 2019.

Classifieds reached a share of 20% at $426.2 million whilst general display ads stood at 36% or $799 million.

Video represented the largest share of display expenditure at 46% in Q1 2019, followed by content, native and infeed as well as standard display formats.

Overall, mobile ads made up 66% of total general display spending.

The report also noted that media agencies have become the preferred method to purchase display ads with 58% of publisher inventory bought this way.

Meanwhile, 29% of display ads were bought programmatically, down 5% compared to Q4 2018.

Connected TV drove 32% of video ad expenditure for content publishers, with 29% of content being viewed on mobile and 39% on desktop.

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