OneSignal launches Advanced Analytics for improved app insights

Anne Freier | April 20, 2020

App Business

OneSignal, which provides mobile push notifications and messaging products, has just launched a new suite of Advanced Analytics.

The addition provides app developers and companies with insights of messages shared with its almost one million users.

Advanced Analytics includes outcomes, confirmed deliveries and influenced opens.

In this manner, it serves a turn-key solution to measure, report and uncover actions users take on a website or app.

In this way, clients are able to better understand user behaviour, and how push notifications, in-app messages or email can drive desired outcomes.

Businesses can then more easily realise set goals such as subscription purchases and determine more effective engagement strategies.

The tool has already reached 100% of its install base.

“Analytics, and specifically the ability to track results, has been a frequent request,” said George Deglin, CEO of OneSignal.  “Look for more innovation in 2020 around the customer messaging journey with a focus on making implementation easy on digital platforms and adding support for additional channels. We’re excited to add to the capabilities of OneSignal.” 

Fitness app Rumble previously used Advanced Analytics to measure how users were spending coins to improve the product while meal-planning app fairy used the tool to track how people exercised.

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