On YouTube, influencers have the best engagement rates

Anne Freier | March 1, 2019


A large number of social media platforms have been found to have follower numbers which are inversely proportional to engagement rates, except for YouTube. That’s according to new research by Accuracast based on 59 million randomised influencer engagement data across YouTube, Instagram , LinkedIn and Twitter.

The report highlights that YouTube is the best platform for high engagement rates. Whilst comments per subscriber tend to remain consistent, rate of likes per subscriber increases rapidly.

Here, already popular YouTube personalities are able to earn more than micro-influencers when engaged. As such, brands seeking engagement should put their budgets to YouTube influencers.

Meanwhile, Instagram was found to exhibit counterintuitive rates of engagement, whereby comments received dropped as follower count increased.

Popular social media influencers tend to get more likes than micro-influencers on Instagram. Overall, Accuracast suggests that micro-influencers on Instagram may drive more meaningful engagement than mega-influencers.

LinkedIn showed the opposite trend, whereby engagement drops as follower size grows. Therefore, the network has been dubbed the “anti-influencer” network. In-house micro-influencers may still make for a good option on the platform though.

Lastly, Twitter was found to be fairly consistent whereby the influence level has little effect on engagement. In fact, an influencer with engaged followers on YouTube may have less than half the engagement rate on Twitter. It’s therefore the least favourable for pushing engagement rate objectives.

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