NUVIAD launches hyper retargeting for mobile in-app ads

Screen shot 2015-08-18 at 8.37.06 AM
Real-time bidding tech provider, NUVIAD, recently rolled out its new mobile in-app Hyper-Retargeting technology. Hyper-Retargeting enables marketers to define mobile app users by location, apps used, phone brand and make as well as other attributes. The resulting lists are then used in cross-targeting with other campaigns for best targeting.
NUVIAD provides algorithmic mobile media trading
Rafi Ton, CEO, NUVIAD Technologies, says that customers who started using the Hyper-Retargeting feature successfully increased their campaign performance. He says:

“We effectively managed to show that RTB CPM buying for large scale performance campaigns is not only possible but also highly profitable if done correctly. The combination of accurate targeting, Hyper-Retargeting and new ad formats – focusing on Native Advertising yields positive ROI for both CPI and CPA campaigns.”

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