NUVIAD launches detailed audience analysis platform for better mobile advertising

NUVIAD, the mobile marketer, just rolled out a new advertising service that lets businesses and mobile marketers create mobile campaigns which are focused on location, people knowledge and deep big-data analytics.
NUVIAD Express lets advertisers simply enter the address of their business or that of their competitors and then provides detailed audience analysis which includes gender, age group, apps used in the area and other specifications. This data can then be used to create a mobile campaign that targets the exact audience using advanced click-to-call technology.
NUVIAD Express auto-manages where and when ads will appear on consumer’s mobiles
Rafi Ton, CEO of NUVIAD, says:
rafi ton

“For the first time, we can provide a viable alternative to standard pay-per-click services. NUVIAD Express not only provides a better targeting option for business owners, but also offers it at lower costs per customer than the services businesses already use.”

NUVIAD is a mobile ad provider that focusses on mobile ads and native ad formats. It taps into advanced machine learning algorithms to deliver highly targeted mobile ad campaigns whilst adjusting results to run more effectively.
Rafi adds that the company has been busy refining its technology to serve local and regional business and drive consumers to its business through click-to-call technologies. He adds:

“We have also simplified the process of creating the campaign and ads, by focusing on native ad formats. All you need is a title for your ad, a promo line and your logo. Your promotion will appear on thousands of apps targeting potential customers in the proximity of your business. Best of all, you don’t even need a website as you can use NUVIAD’s click-to-call option and receive calls directly to your business.”

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