Not-to-miss Features While Developing a House Rental App like Keyo

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Posted: April 10, 2018

5 features that can set you apart from the competition in the house renting apps vertical.

With the rising population and urbanization around the world, we are seeing shortage of area we live in. People are moving more towards places that have the most opportunities. Infrastructure-dependent population is getting bigger in size and needs, thus increasingly shrinking the living density to its most compact form. In such a scenario it gets difficult for you to find a pretty enough place to live in.

Referring to that need, we have seen different technologies and resources extending solutions in different forms from time to time – to help you find the living abode of your choice. 

Keyo is one of those. And they call it one of the best apartment finder apps around. The reason behind that is primarily its unique features that perfectly blend with the modern house rental demands. Of all those, we have picked up 5 most impactful ones that make this app so perceptive and benefiting for the users. Here they are:

Online rent autopay

This feature allows you to securely and easily pay the rent online as you get to connect your bank account for paying through ACH (Automated Clearing House). So, you don’t need to worry and keep a check on the date of payment as it automatically pays your rent on a certain date and gets you intimated about it. Isn’t that such a big relief!

In-app maintenance requests

This feature takes the renting experience to another level of accomplishment as you offer them additional array of value significantly adding to the idea of house rental services effusively. With in-app maintenance requests user gets access to different on-demand house maintenance services like cleaning, plumbing, painting, power-wiring and more, without having to bother your landlord or looking for an agent to help you get these done.

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Digitized assistance

Allow your users with a complete digitized version of house-renting solution by allowing them with utility tools and resources that replace every bit of paper work with digitally processed and executed solution. This may include filling/renewing the rent agreement, digital contract signing, user identity authentication, lease management, calculation assistance, referring to development and housing legalities and going for other such services.

A complete rent marketplace 

Allow owners and tenants to connect seamlessly, allowing them to access a comprehensive marketplace utility. You can do this by funneling data based on categories and allowing listed properties and services to be bucket-listed, compared and communicated with to arrive at the best match as per user need and requirement. Further, both the property owner and the onlooker should be having their own profiles built to show their interests, past activities, preferences and statuses, so that better results can be reached at.

Gamified offers

The solution should be so built that it can keep the users engaged and served with loyalty benefits based on their activity and frequency on the app. Here you can build the algorithm of the app to track and assign score to users on how they perform and let them sail through different gamified levels of achievements to keep their interest growing in the app. This can be well supported by different offers and rewards to convey real value to them. 

Going with such features you can assure yourself of getting the best of results with your house rental app development endeavor. 

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End Notes

All these along with your exclusive communication design should help you in achieving a sustainable force of attraction to work in favor of your on-demand app for renting. You can add more features and resources to these to enhance the scope of offerings on the app. And who knows you might get luckier than the likes of Keyo and mark your own renowned identity in the domain to beat the biggies down the line!

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