No wonder ad blockers are on the rise – ads annoy mobile users

Anne Freier | November 24, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Ads on mobile devices are annoying. According to a study by Instantly, 55% of UK mobile users called ads on their devices disruptive. Just 24% accepted the trade-off to get free content and 9% are happy to accept ads as long as they offer special deals and promotions. This once again proves, that well targeted ads are the future towards a more seamless user experience and acceptance of ads.
Attitudes towards mobile ads
A study by Nordlight Research in Germany found attitudes similarly damped when it comes to mobile ads. Almost two-thirds of internet users across all age groups were found to dislike ads on their smartphones.
German smartphone users dislike mobile ads
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However, research by Millennial Media found that the majority of mobile users (63%) are generally content to view ads as long as content is free to access. Fairness by country differs only slightly with France having the lowest acceptance rate of 56%.
It’s fair to view ads in exchange for free content
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In addition, the study highlighted that the average ad length consumers are willing to consider per one-hour time frame is up to three minutes.
Consumers ok to view 3 minute ads per 1 hour content
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Millennial Media writes:

Mobile is now the remote control at the heart of our lives, and consumers know the value that this holds for brands trying to engage them. Consequently, knowing what is relevant to a consumer at any specific point of time is where advertisers can deliver true value. Brands that strive to reach defined audiences in specific places will succeed only through more sophisticated use of the data available to them, layering that data to build audience profiles that are founded on context and relevance.

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