Nine continues to partner with Playground XYZ to roll out improved mobile programmatic options across digital properties

Anne Freier | September 13, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Australia’s Nine network has announced an extended partnership with Australian advertising technology company Playground XYZ to roll out mobile programmatic products across its site.
Playground XYZ expands advertising formats on Nine
As part of the deal, Playground XYZ will be offering a range of new advertising formats across Nine’s digital properties that are seen by over six million users on a monthly basis. New formats include Super Skin, Side Push and Top and Tail. Ultimately, Nine aims to entice marketers to engage with mobile consumers more closely by choosing creatives which are less intrusive.
The new mobile ad units will be available on Nine’s programmatic marketplace and will feature across its sites, 9News, 9Now, Wide World of Sports, 9Honey, 9Coach, 9Pickle, 9Elsewhere as well as 9Kitchen.
The deal is in line with Nine’s ambitions to offer a more integrative marketing product suite across its TV and digital properties.
Ben Gunn, Director of Sales, Nine, says:

“Mobile advertising success in 2016 is as much about delivering an engaging mobile user experience as it is about providing a compelling, measureable outcome for the advertiser. This new mobile programmatic offering provides both unique targeting efficiencies and creative excellence on what is the fastest-growing marketing platform.”

For Playground XYZ CEO Rob Hall, the partnership with Nine is an opportunity to redefine mobile advertising. He adds:

“Site skins, bespoke shapes and sizes, new and different ad types – these are the things people often say can’t be automated, but here it is. When we show people these highly-customised ad formats, the assumption is that they’d be a pain to trade. We’ve worked tirelessly on making scale and ease part of the offering. On the creative front that means building one ad execution that works seamlessly across all certified sites. Now, on the trading front, we’ve enabled the delivery of these ads through Nine’s programmatic marketplace.”

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