Nike wants to revamp its apps to boost user engagement and product sales

Anne Freier | November 29, 2019

App Business

Nike wants to expand the features of its Nike+ app in an effort to boost engagement with users and drive sales through the app.

The company has been rather busy building multiple apps to focus on different aspects of its offering over the last few years. For example, it launched Nike Train Club and Run Club to help people achieve their fitness goals.

But as Nike’s direct-to-consumer business is projected to reach $16 billion in sales, the company is zooming in on its Nike+ app.

Additions to the app would include events and new design features and functionalities. Nike may also schedule more ads to bolster sales of its products.

“What we want to get better at is being predictive and anticipating what the needs of [our] members are,” explained Ron Faris, VP of Nike apps SNKRS and GM of s23NYC. “Every few seconds you are letting us know you are interested in that story, and those are the type of interactions that are really important for us to capture.” The goal is to be able to serve users more personalised product offers and events based on what type of content they view the most in stories.”

The sports brand may also add polls to the app to reach out to members and find out what drives them.

Nike Train Club and its Run Club app do include shopping tabs but they are not a prime focus of these apps. By including features such as polls, photo and video sharing, the company hopes to change the focus of these apps.

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