Nielsen expands platform for mobile and OTT video audiences

Nielsen just added a cross-platform reporting tool for mobile and OTT viewing that will provide clients with deeper insights into audience viewing habits on smartphones, tablets and desktops, but also TV.

The company says that the additions are making it easier to count campaigns on TV and digital platforms more accurately.

The release, for the first time, also considers mobile audiences including YouTube as part of Nielsen’s Total Ad Ratings report.

Total Ad Ratings allows clients to compare ad delivery performance via TV and digital.

“Providing currency caliber cross-platform audience measurement is core to our mission, and we’re excited to enhance our Total Ad Ratings product to do just that,” said Amanda Tarpey, SVP of Product Leadership, Digital at Nielsen. “Whether consumers are streaming from their TV or their smartphones, Nielsen will be able to reflect their ad viewership and incrementality as part of its audience reporting—a major step that will benefit the industry from publishers and platforms to advertisers and agencies.”

By providing a more comprehensive coverage and reporting tools for digital media consumption, marketers will be able to more effortlessly connect viewers to brands across devices and formats.

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