Newzoo launches new Global Mobile Intelligence Suite

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 8, 2016

Mobile and market intelligence firm Newzoo just unveiled a series of new services that the company hopes will provide better insights into the global mobile ecosystem. Dubbed the Global Mobile Intelligence Suite, the feature tracks mobile devices, app stores, apps, monetisation, engagement and audiences across the globe.
It also includes unavailable device and app data on China and its Android ecosystem.
Newzoo Global Mobile Intelligence Suite units
Peter Warman, CEO, Newzoo adds:
peter warman

“This is a huge strategic step forward for us. Newzoo Mobile aims to serve practically all industries with an interest in mobile on a global scale, and to provide a range of mobile intelligence services currently unavailable in the market. App store data is an important part of the portfolio, but the true magic happens when different sources of data are combined in unique and smart ways. What’s more, Newzoo will continue to offer the support and service it is known for, proving that there is a difference between offering great data and a great global market intelligence product.”

During 12 months of product development, the company has been able to forge a series of strategic partnerships. Together they complement Newzoo’s own app store intelligence efforts and mobile consumer insights.
Partners include Chinese mobile big data firm TalkingData that tracks connected devices including over 650m active smartphones and tablets in the country. It offers insights into the entire Chinese mobile ecosystem. Earlier in 2016, TalkingData became a minority shareholder in Newzoo, which has cemented the two companies’ ambitions.
In addition, Pushwoosh, the push notification service provider, has added 1.25bn tracked mobile devices outside of China to track over 2bn active mobile devices across over 190 countries.
The real-time analytics and marketing platform deltaDNA contributes its app monetisation and engagement metrics, whilst PrioriData will offer insight into revenue and app store downloads, apps and publishers.
As part of the new Mobile Intelligence Suite, clients can choose between a regional package or focus on a specific type of intelligence and benchmark opportunities across over 190 countries. In addition, the company offers packages for industries such as automotive, entertainment, finance, hardware, media, retail, telecom, travel, health, and advertising.
Ultimately, Newzoo says that the new suite closes the gap for Western companies that wish to enter and expand into China. Additionally it supports Chinese companies that are looking to grow their overseas business.
Sudden changes such as new legislation to the Chinese market can now be easily tracked.
Jelle Kooistra, Head of Product Development at Newzoo Mobile adds:
jelle kooistra

“To align our suite of services and data on the mobile ecosystem in China with an offering on the rest of the world was an enormous effort. I am thrilled that it’s already proving to be of value to global companies that we never could have served with our games and esports intelligence alone.”