News app sessions jumped 59% during lockdowns

Anne Freier | June 30, 2020

App Business

News apps saw usage surge between January and April as people stayed home during lockdowns.

According to app marketing expert Adjust, news apps saw a rise in daily sessions by 59% and a 37% jump in installs during the same time period.

The figures are testament to a nation hungry for live updates and information on the coronavirus pandemic.

In the US, daily sessions jumped 104% while installs rose 53%.

This was much higher than in other regions such as EMEA where daily sessions increased to 69% and 44% in Japan.

During lockdowns in March, news app installs surged notably, the report suggested.

But the rise didn’t last as levels have stalled and returned to pre-pandemic levels in May 2020.

Although user sessions were high in April, they fell 13% in May.

The increase in daily installs and sessions was good news for publishers worried about declining advertising revenues as marketers froze budgets.

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