New York Times releases new mobile advertising format this fall

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The New York Times, yesterday, announced the launch of ‘Mobile Moments’ – a new mobile ad solution to enhance ad relevancy according to time of day. Mobile Moments features short stories called Screenplays created to be more relevant towards consumers’ varying preference for content throughout the day.
The New York Times launches Mobile Moments
The new advertising option will be available on The Times’ mobile apps and web and identifies seven specific moments throughout the day. These were developed in collaboration with mobile users, following The Times research. As an example, The Times’ Morning Briefing has become a popular news update on the app. Sebastian Tomich, Senior VP, advertising and innovation, The New York Time, says:

“Mobile Moments is the first phase of a long-term mobile native advertising solution that will continue to evolve. Based on the success our newsroom has had with moment-based targeting for its journalism, the commercial side of our organization has adopted similar tools, templates and insights and tailored them to suit our advertisers’ needs. Our solution is three-fold: present bigger, better and more dynamic mobile creative; provide context for the mobile creative (where there is no adjacency); and tailor the mobile creative to the readers’ needs.”

In addition, it has created one-sentence stories for the Apple Watch and announced the introduction of “Flex Frame”, an ad format that covers 75% of a user’s mobile device screen.
Recently, The Times has been busy beefing up its advertising offering after revenue dropped 15% between 2010 and 2014. Mobile Moments is hoped to bring together its editorial and commercial activities under one tool. Tomich adds:

“The best ad products should be reader-focused. The editorial product teams are zeroed in on serving readers and building engagement. We on the ad side will be there to follow as well.”

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