New Year, New Users Mobile App Marketers Should Be Focused On

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Posted: January 10, 2018

One gift mobile marketers are wishing for this holiday season is a strong start in the New Year.
Whether you are launching a new app or looking to grow the user base of an existing app, Q1 presents a significant opportunity that shouldn’t be ignored!
The first quarter of the calendar year is important for a number of reasons:

  • Ad spend contracts in Q1 giving you the opportunity to reach users without the noise and distractions of the much more competitive Q4.
  • Smartphone sales are given a boost in Q4 by massive retail promotions and gift giving occasions. This means more users are evaluating which apps deserve valuable space on their new devices.
  • Retention rates in Q1 are typically higher than Q4, resulting in a lower cost-per-loyal-user.

Click here, for more insights on why the first quarter of the calendar year is a good time to grow an engaged and valuable user base.

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