New Native Video Syndication platform from Connatix hopes to enable publishers to reach a broader audience

Anne Freier | September 21, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Native ad platform, Connatix, has just launched Connatix Native Video Syndication (NVS). For the company, it’s the first video syndication technology that lets publishers reach a wider audience for their pre-roll in-stream campaigns that are placed within native in-feeds across mobile devices and desktops.
Connatix rolls out Native Video Syndication
Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 21.28.30
Mashable was among the first clients to test ride NVS. The NVS syndicates publisher content alongside direct-sold video campaigns, across the Connatix network. Here native video is being served in-stream in native placements.
Publishers can sell pre-roll advertising against video content and extend audiences across the web.
ComScore recently named Connatix a top 25 key video property online.
The new solution is a one-stop shop for publishers to upload their content files alongside VAST and VPAID tags and reach audiences through sophisticated targeting options such as geography, demographics, day, time, content category and player size.
Publishers can also run multiple campaigns at the same time and make changes to campaign features instantly.
David Kashak, Founder and CEO, Connatix, explains:
david kashak

“Publishers like Mashable, Time Inc, and Refinery29, who have the capability to produce original video content, are faced with a big challenge: how to guarantee delivery for the brands they are working with. Connatix Native Video Syndication empowers the publisher to extend the reach of their video content across the Connatix network to deliver their pre-roll campaigns against their own content hitting the right targets on brand-safe sites.”

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