New mobile lead generation features at sponsormob

Some news in from our friends over at sponsormob.  They have recently launched a new mobile lead generation feature called “Host and Post”.

Host and Post allows Sponsormob to host sign-up forms on mobile, collecting qualified leads on behalf of Advertisers and passing the information on successfully.?Advertisers simply let us take their internet landing pages and place them on Mobile. Sponsormob then gather the information and send it to the Advertiser.

It is interesting that sponsormob are moving to service mobile lead generation and data capture.  This is proving to be one of the fastest growing areas of the mobile marketing and mcommerce markets at the moment.

Sponsormob also mention that they will also be adding Click-to-Call. This feature will let Advertisers connect with users on the go, maximizing revenues.  This could provide a lot of advantages – increased revenue, accessing users directly, increased conversions.

Great to see sponsormob making waves and we’ll keep you updated for when they announce the launch of more features.

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