New mobile business platform to offer localised mobile advertising and promotions

A new mobile business platform promises to offer a more direct connection with consumers through location-optimised adverts and promotions that are both affordable and cater specifically to local establishments. Marqii is the company behind the new platform.
Marqii offers location-driven ads and promotions for small businesses
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For small businesses, coupons and mailers have previously been the way to go when it comes to traditional advertising. However, in the digital world, these provide limited returns at a steep price tag. Marqii wants to change all that and offers its digital marketing services at just $2-$4 per day. Ads can range from promotions such as happy hours, 2 for 1 meal offers or dinner deals.
Avi Goren, CEO and Co-Founder of Marqii, explains:
avi goren

“Marqii is the digital upgrade and compliment to the marquee/chalkboard street sign for local businesses to promote daily specials & happy hours. Local bars, restaurants and other businesses generally can’t afford conventional advertising in newspapers, TV or radio. Marqii gives businesses the power to reach their neighborhood mobile traffic, increase foot traffic and provide real-time incentives.”

The ad creation and distribution process is simple and connects with over 70 online publishers such as Facebook, Google Plus, Foursquare, CitySearch, Yahoo!, Yellow Pages etc. to show promotions in real-time via the firm’s cloud API. Business locations and contact details are embedded as part of the ad. Goren adds that the company plans to create a more “business-friendly ecosystem”.
Right now, local businesses in NYC are able to sign up to a special promotion with the first 50 signups receiving a free service for 12 months and the next 100 clients getting 50% off the annual rate.
Marquii does have plans to expand the platform to other cities over time.

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