New beacon tracks consumer behaviour for mobile advertising

Social media continues to drive much of digital ad spend growth. Indeed, Facebook’s mobile traffic continues to skyrocket with 81% of its advertising revenue now coming from mobile, according to BI findings.

However, it’s not entirely clear whether such ads are having the intended effect and given the $58.3 billion in annual U.S. mobile advertising, it’s about time to find out. That’s why MFour Mobile Research and marketing firm, Kantar Added Value, have launched a new beacon to find out.
Dubbed Emotional Brand Connections (EBC) Social Media Ad Testing the process takes place within the test recipient’s mobile news feed. Once an audience has been chosen, the technology is added alongside the regular ad traffic a user receives.
It then tracks a consumer’s behaviour on a social site to aggregate data on how long they view a test ad, whether audio is turned on or if they actively engage with an ad.
The results are then surveyed to measure campaign impact, such as brand recall, content reactions and emotional connection to a brand. Purchase intent can also be measured this way.
With 91.5% of Facebook usage now mobile, the EBC Social Media Ad Testing may offer some sought-after insights for advertisers.

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