Netflix ads? No, thank you – study finds 57% would leave streaming service

Based on the responses of 16,000 people in the UK, US, Germany and Nordic countries, even if Netflix were to lower its price when adding commercials, 42% would still rather choose to leave the service.

Netflix now ranks top among streaming services in the UK, with 70% of respondents in the country streaming films and TV series, up 30% over the last 18 months. Only in Finland, Yle ranked higher.

BBC’s iPlayer ranked second in the UK with 61% of respondents using the streaming platform, down 8% over the same period. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video has been gaining steam, increasing 33%.

TVs were still the devices of choice for streaming content (42%), but computers are now used by 39% and mobile devices rank closely behind at 37%.

“Our findings highlight the growing importance of targeting and relevance in advertising,” explained Martyn Bentley, commercial director UK at AudienceProject. “As consumers have increasing choice over whether or not they see ads, both broadcasters and advertisers alike need to work hard to ensure that campaigns enhance experience, rather than detract – plus it suggests that greater inroads need to be made with Connected TV as a means to help tailor advertising at a granular level.”

Indeed, the study demonstrates that although traditional TV ad opportunities may be down, cross-device advertising provides unique opportunities to reach streaming platform users. 63% of respondents said they used other devices whilst streaming TV. Of them, 79% dual-screen using their mobile phones, whilst 44% use a tablet and 35% a computer.

The report highlights that overall streaming is on the rise with 83% of UK respondents still viewing traditional TV, but roughly half (43%) said that this was on a lower level compared to last year.

Younger audiences are gravitating more heavily toward streaming services with 63% of 15-25-year-olds streaming content rather than viewing traditional TV (65%).

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