Nearly half of U.S. small businesses may have an app by 2017, despite slow start

Andy Boxall | April 25, 2016

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Small businesses are beginning to recognize the importance of having a mobile app. In a survey by Clutch, it’s shown that while adoption is slow, the trend shows nearly half of those surveyed will maintain a mobile app by 2017.

The report states:

“Mobile apps provide diverse advantages to small businesses that other technologies cannot match. With the advantages and the easily accessible platforms available to create a mobile app, it looks as though it is highly possible that small business mobile app adoption will dramatically increase in the next few years.”

Data shows mobile app adoption in small businesses is slow

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Asking more than 350 small businesses in the U.S., Clutch found that 15% plan to create an app in 2016, and 12% in 2017 or later. However, by using all the available data to create a trend line, it estimates that at current interest and growth levels, 47% will likely have an app by 2017 or later.

Trends from the data show adoption is about to increase

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There is still considerable doubt a mobile app will be beneficial, with 31% saying a app launch in the future is unlikely. Furthermore, 22% say they’re unsure about a mobile app release in the future.

Elsewhere in the report, it’s shown that small businesses build apps for three primary reasons: to increase sales, improve customer experiences, and to become more competitive in the market. Additionally, the companies said that customer loyalty features, social networking, and push notifications were the top three most valuable mobile app features.

Learn more about Clutch by visiting its website here.

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