NDP Media Show How Big Data Analytics Can Improve App Marketing

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Partner Post - YeahMobi

Posted: June 9, 2014

NDP Media
YeahMobi, a subsidary of NDP Media, has always been serious when it comes to Big Data, they previously announced that they would be making a large investment in research in this area. Now the company says they have made a breakthrough, with new evidence suggesting that their rapid transmission of analytical data allows app marketers to make better marketing decisions when they are using technology such as RTB platforms and programmatic buying bidding engines.
Programmatic Buying in 6 Seconds

According to NPD Media:

  • Their Big Data Platform informs marketers’ programmatic buying strategies within 6 seconds
  • The transmission of the data, the sorting of the data through the ETL process (extract, transform, load) and the analysis itself is completed in this time
  • The Big Data Platform helps marketers when they are using RTB type platforms through improved data response times

NDP Media’s Zou Yuanbin had this to say:

“Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology and programmatic buying mean that the entire media buy process can be completed within tens of milliseconds. It’s only when your data channels reach their fastest that you can then make the most effective marketing strategy decisions.”

The company highlights that Google Analytics only updates every 24 hours, meaning advertisers have to wait to see what is being effective – for example an advertiser could spend $1,000 on testing fees, only to find out that $500 of it was wasted. YeahMobi states that their newly empowered platform is different, it’s much faster and has easy to use data modeling: 90% of their data analysis can be completed within a single second, and they have a programming language that is similar to the popular ‘SQL’ that is commonly used by data analysts. This insight and ease of use means that there isn’t a waste on advertising spend, like with Google Analytics, and a higher ROI is the outcome.
YeahMobi clearly believes that Big Data is the next key step for the mobile app marketing industry – it will be interesting to see if things turn out that way.
Find out more on NDP Media through the YeahMobi profile in our directory.

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