NativeX King of the Mountain Challenge offers app developers a 20% CPM boost

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Partner Post - NativeX get a 20% CPM boost for your app or game

Posted: June 2, 2015

NativeX, offers game developers and app publishers some of the most advanced monetization services available, winning various tests against competitors and has been highlighted as a top provider in the mobile ad sector by the likes of VentureBeat.
This gives NativeX the confidence that using the SDK will improve CPMs for Interstitials and Rewarded Video ads that they are guaranteeing a fixed 20% higher CPM than current providers.  NativeX is one of the fastest scaling platforms in the space and this gives developers and publishers a chance to benefit from some of this growth through higher revenues.
The NativeX “King of the Mountain” promo offer a straight 20% CPM uplift guarantee for qualifying publishers on the following terms:
Step 1: Read the Terms & Conditions, then submit the Challenge form.
Step 2: Be consulted by a member of the NativeX Supply team who would determine the fixed CPM and confirm eligibility.
Step 3: Sign and execute the special agreement
Step 4: Integrate SDK and go live within 30 days
Step 5: Cash Check
According to CEO Rob Weber,

“We’ve been pleased to hear the great enthusiasm from developers about NativeX’s ability to deliver results. Our SDK is now even easier to integrate and provides the robust and flexible solution that our partners demand. With a history of solid benchmarks for quality video and interstitial CPMs, we are looking forward to offering higher fixed CPM commitments to qualified new partners so they can see for themselves what we can do for them.”

Square Enix, a Japanese game developer is the latest to utilise NativeX’s mobile advertising platforms to serve interstitials and video advertising in the App Store featured game Lara Croft: Relic Run.
Lara Croft: Relic Run uses NativeX for in-game ads
According to Sridhar Muppidi, CEO of YesGnome,

“Since we began focusing on maximizing our CPMs, we’ve seen that NativeX video ads are consistently outperforming other top video networks by 36% or more. (Up to 194%).”

You can find out more and get started with the NativeX King of the Mountain CPM Challenge here