NativeX launches self-service app advertising platform

NativeX has launched a beta version of their new self-service platform that offers mobile game and app publishers a quick and easy way to monetise their apps. The mobile ad network is currently accepting iOS and Android publishers for the beta and the process to get involved requires a simple sign-up.
Once registered, NativeX says publishers can start making money by adding their apps, defining their settings and installing the SDK – payments can be made from there. The network promises more features in the future, but at this point in time the self-service platform offers the following:

  • Multiple ad formats
  • Server side ad deployment
  • High level of optimisation

Product manager at NativeX, Melissa Johnson, had this to say about the platform:
Melissa Johnson

“Most ad networks simply do not value partnerships with indie game developers. It’s a serious problem and no one is talking about it… 2/3 of developers fail to break even because they are so severely underserved. The goal of the NativeX Self-Service is to give mobile game developers easy to use tools for monetisation and user acquisition so they can start building legitimate businesses around their apps.”

According to NativeX their self-service platform is unique because of the amount of flexibility it gives mobile game developers for defining their ad placements – these include a number of placement options like P2P competition, when a level has been completed, when the store is opened, and even the pause menu being initiated by the player. This level of customisation allows game developers to provide an experience that makes the delivery of ads more native to their game or app, meaning the user experience is not sacrificed as a result.
Publishers will find out more information and can download the self-service SDK here, or they can check out the NativeX profile on our directory.

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