NativeX introduces new “Mini-Multi Offer” mobile video ad format

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Posted: March 18, 2015

NativeX Big Version
Mobile ad network NativeX has announced the launch of their latest video ad format, the Mini-Multi Offer (Triad). The new video ad format combines the latest mobile video ad technology with NativeX’s native advertising units and allows users to choose the video ads they want to watch. NativeX says higher conversion rates and long term value users are the result when users are given a choice of what to engage with.
NativeX’s CEO, Robert Weber, said:

“Giving users the choice of which video ad to watch creates a more desirable and engaging ad experience. Users feel more in control when they get to select the content they are most interested in, which results in a stronger organic audience for advertisers and a better user experience for publishers.”

Triad uses NativeX’s proprietary ‘Lightning Play’ technology, meaning video ads play instantly for a better overall user experience. The new ad format can also be customized to play videos in either framed or full screen and for either incent or non-incent offers. NativeX says that publishers have more control by allowing them to choose between multiple ad formats to compete for higher fill and eCPM. You can watch a demonstration of the Triad video ad format below.
NativeX Ad Format: Mini Multi-Offer (Triad) – Non Reward

To find out more about the latest NativeX advertising solutions, visit the NativeX website here.

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