NativeX on why games need native ads

Last month mobile ad company NativeX announced the launch of the first global native ad exchange dedicated solely to free-to-play mobile games. According to the company, the new exchange lets developers customise native ads to include in-game elements and game characters, and is built to maximise ad revenue for both reward and non-reward ad campaigns, supporting video, interstitials, and all conversion types.
We’ve seen a few native ad RTB products announced already, most recently from InMobi and MobFox, so why do we need one focused specifically on mobile games? We caught up with NativeX’s co-founder Ryan Weber to find out why. Here’s what he had to say:

“Mobile gaming companies were the first of the mobile content companies to reject standard mobile ad formats like banners,” says Weber. “Game developers are artists, and they demanded a better ad experience for their users. We designed an exchange that enables them to use multiple ad formats and also create native ad experiences that become part of the gaming experience.”

Weber goes on to explain that mobile game devs have been pioneers when it comes to monetisation, innovating with new ad formats and reward-based monetisation schemes. He adds that NativeX’s exchange makes it easier to “dramatically increase” user engagement by awarding ad placements to the highest bidding advertiser, regardless of ad format.
When it comes to delivering native ads to games at scale, Weber says NativeX has engaged in “careful planning” ensure the right experiences are created and that “both advertisers and publishers agree on standards.” The company also says it’s puts a lot of strategy into ad unit creation when combining advertiser content with configurable game publisher content. Weber says the units are built “based on our study of games,” unique placement opportunities, and the “emotional state of the user.”
NativeX has already partnered with more than 50 demand sources for both reward and non-reward ads, across Asia, Europe and North America. You can find out more by visiting the NativeX website.

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