MyAppFree Offers Exclusive Placements on Sony Smartphones

Partner Post - myAppFree High Quality Mobile Traffic & Exclusive Placements on SONY Xperia, Native SDK

Posted: June 11, 2018

Would you ever miss the chance to get featured by a Top Brand? MyAppFree, the Italian fast-growing mobile advertising network, offers now exclusive placements on Sony smartphones. The cooperation between the two companies provides new and reliable solutions to every advertiser looking for real and high-quality users.

The integration between Sony and MyAppFree makes possible to run mobile performance campaigns (CPI, CPA, etc.) on over 40 million smartphones, through exclusive placements on “What’s New”, the quality app discovery service preinstalled in every Sony Xperia.

Due to the quality of Xperia’s users, advertisers will be certain to use their budget on a high spending audience with great retention rate, located in top countries worldwide including Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, United States and more.

“This is a unique occasion for everyone: we’ve just plugged in one of the best traffic sources to our Premium publishers’ list, making possible to advertise apps and games on a new, safe and reliable platform” said Riccardo Fuzzi, CEO at myAppFree.

The delivery solutions provided by myAppFree through Sony devices are meant to give the best performance in terms of conversions and ROI, combining both native placements and smart notifications.

This approach makes the entire advertising process suitable to the needs of every kind of customer. Whether the advertiser is looking for a boost of downloads or a continuous delivery, he will find the solution he is looking for.

“Direct, quality and ethical advertising has always been our priority. This partnership between our company and a top-notch mobile brand will bring our apps advertising capabilities to next level” added Massimo Caroli, CTO at myAppFree.

What about performance in numbers? MyAppFree has recently released interesting data showing amazing results: promoted apps succeeded into acquiring an average of 50K – 100K users in just 3 days, increasing developers’ revenues up to 800%. This has been possible thanks to the high number of “What’s New” active users and their quality in terms of conversion and behavior: over 30% RR2, 20% RR7 and high spending habits in iAP (5 – 7%).

If you want to learn more about the solutions that myAppFree provides through Sony devices and all their premium placements, visit or contact them at

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