MyAppFree introduces a new O&O Ad Placement like Apple’s “Suggested” search ad slot

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Posted: May 13, 2021

A new data driven solution has been integrated into the Universal MyAppFree Ad Platform: The Suggested Search Ads.

The ad slot release follows the exponential growth of interest in search queries of MyAppFree’s user base. It can target ads by leveraging on users’s MAF ID (including age, gender, interests and their search & download history from myAppFree Platform) through 2 different ad placements.

The first one is located at the bottom of the search intent and it does not require the user to perform a search, while the second one works on a keyboard basis selection and it appears after a search.

How do Search placements perform?

“Suggested Search Ads” have been tested with a minor subset of advertisers providing high performances: 6.4% CVR and 3.55% CR (note: the average percentages of CVR and CR on display ads are 2.3% and 1%).

What makes such placements even more appealing for advertisers is the capability of reaching users at the very right time: when they are looking for new apps on their phones. Indeed, tests conducted by MyAppFree’s team on a subset of 15.000 users in the US, showed 63% more in-app events and over 30% more purchases compared to a traditional display campaign.

MyAppFree user base is constantly growing while its needs are evolving over time. In March, after our UI update, we have experienced a 160% increase in in-app searches within our product portfolio”, says Massimo Caroli, MyAppFree’s COO.

How to choose the best performing keywords?

Picking the correct keywords for your app is crucial. The MyAppFree team has released insights about the most trending searches performed by the users in the month of April 2021:

  • “buy bitcoin”
  • “dating app”
  • “watch anime”
  • “free games”
  • “iphone widget”

These data highlights that the most trending app vertical are Finance, VOD, Games and Dating.

Why are O&O and first-party data becoming more relevant with iOS 14.5?

With the release of iOS 14.5, Apple has enforced ATT framework (App Tracking Transparency), meaning that third-party ad networks don’t have the possibility to show targeted ads anymore without the explicit consent of the user. Following Apple’s guidelines, MyAppFree is pushing towards ad placements on O&O properties to leverage on first-party data for ads targeting.

According to Appsflyеr, who is tracking daily opt-in and opt-out rates, about 29% users are giving their consent to the alarming popup asking to “Allow apps to track my activities”. This means that advertisers can still access some chunks of data even if the opt-in numbers can vary significantly from app to app.

How to test this new placement?

Testing it is straight forward: you just have to register on MyAppFree Universal platform create your first app campaign. In the ad placement selection, you’ll find the new Suggested Search ad slot that doesn’t require any creative to be run, only app name and app Icon.

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