my6sense boost mobile advertising optimisation via artificial intelligence technology integration

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. September 7, 2017

As native ads are predicted to grow 20% from $18.59 billion in 2017 to $23.22 billion in 2018, advertisers and suppliers have been looking for ways to boost their advertising revenues as well as user engagement levels.
Now, programmatic native ad platform and exchange, my6sense, has enhanced its artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve ad optimisation, relevancy and personalisation for advertisers.
The company’s Digital Intuition advanced machine learning algorithms and optimisation engine is capable of learning context, user behaviours through clicked content and time spent, as well as publisher patters via trending content or performances. These insights are then matched to target the intended audiences on mobile devices.
Sencan Ozen, Founder and CEO, ReklamStore, says:

“my6sense’s AI technology outperforms comparable solutions and the company’s broad range of native ad units and rich functionality proved to fully support our flexible business models and operational needs, while improving content quality and user experience.”

my6sense says that its Digital Intuition is both more relevant and more personal, which can boost engagement rates significantly for higher publisher and supply partner revenue yield.
According to the company, it was able to boost conversions for a leading diaper brand recently. By targeting young mothers, the optimisation engine was capable of detecting an engagement response from fathers who purchased the diapers in the evening on their way home. Thus, the brand was able to extend its campaign to this new audience.
Besides the AI-based optimisation tech, my6sense also provides a fully programmatic native exchange solution for multiple item native ad units in combination with organic content. Indeed, clients and partners at the company can mix recommendation widgets, in-feed, in-ad and other custom native ad units with a number of advertising items.
Its white label programmatic native solution includes a native exchange that works with native Demand Side Platforms such as StackAdapt, built-in direct campaign manager for advertisers and ad-unit and yield manager for publishers.
Business management tools are also available for ad networks and publishers.
Avinoam Rubinstain, CEO & founder, my6sense, adds:

“AI technology not only matters in self-driving cars and derivatives trading but also in programmatic native advertising, where our proprietary technology with combined user behavioral collaborative filtering and contextual models deliver greater engagement, more revenue and a better user experience.”