Mpire Network Visits The App Promotion Summit & Mobile Apps Unlocked

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Partner Post - Mpire Network erformance marketing that outperforms

Posted: March 22, 2017

Are you wanting to take your app marketing to the next level?
Mpire Network will be exhibiting at two of the most renowned app marketing events of the year: The App Promotion Summit (APS) and Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU).
First up, Mpire is heading to New York city for APS on the 6th of April 17. Located at the Stewart Hotel, this event will equip you with the best ways to market and monetize your mobile app.
Then MAU kicks off in Las Vegas on the 3rd and 4th of May 17. Being held at the infamous Hard Rock Hotel and Casino; it has everything you need to give your company a competitive edge and excel in the mobile world.
These events are a great opportunity to tap into the minds of mobile’s greatest and learn app promotion tips and user retention processes from the best in the industry.
Give your app the best chance of success and book a meeting with Mpire Network at one of these events today!
Join us at App Promotion Summit 2017 
Join us at Mobile Apps Unlocked 2017 

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