More than 90% of app users don’t really understand app data practices

Andy Boxall | July 16, 2018

App Business

Research carried out in Australia shows how little consumers understand about how mobile apps collect, use, and share data. The survey spoke to nearly 1,000 people about major apps and their comprehension of the data practices, with more than 90% saying they only somewhat understand what happens.

The survey discussed individual apps, and apps developed by Apple and Google. 94.6% of Apple app users said they were either not sure, or only somewhat understood what happened to their data. For rival Google, it was 91.9%.

Snapchat had the most “not sure” answers out of all the social networks at around 60%, compared to under 40% for Facebook, and around 50% for Twitter and Instagram. Overall, 93.9% of Snapchat users didn’t understand its data rules.

While all the better known apps hovered between 91% and 94% for those surveyed, the highest number was for “Other” apps that don’t fall into the main categories, with 95.8% saying they were unsure, or only somewhat understood the practices. Smart home devices also scored highly with 94.4%.

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