More marketers are focusing on cross-channel ad campaigns

The majority of marketers (89%) agree that advertisers who create their own audience strategies as opposed to individual media platforms are ultimately developing campaigns with more impact.

According to a survey of 300 ad decision makers by data science and marketing tech company 4C, marketers have already begun to use cross-channel approaches to plan and buy their inventory. This is largely spurred by increasing multi-screen behaviours of consumers, and 75% of respondents are already including campaigns to multiple types of media.

However, a variety of challenges are hampering faster adoption including measurement (52%), reach and frequency improvements (45%), targeting precision (37%).

Interestingly, a whopping 84% of advertisers would boost their TV campaigns if digital could be integrated more successfully and transparency was boosted.

Most respondents believe that the solution would be the creation of audience-based strategies that include increased brand awareness (45%), purchase consideration metrics such as website or store visits (43%), better targeting and frequency optimization (39%), attributable actions such as logins or downloads (39%), and improved brand loyalty (39%).

“Marketers have started to adopt cross-channel campaigns, but to truly market the way that consumers consume – seamlessly across screens, at the time and place of their choosing – they must get out of a channel-specific mindset and put audiences at the center of planning and buying,” said Lance Neuhauser, CEO, 4C. “It’s clear from the survey that brands and agencies are headed in this direction, as 88% of respondents say that audience-based marketing campaigns and budgets will surge in the coming years.”

However, these improvements would require a new marketing structure according to 85% of respondents.

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