More consumers willing to use voice technologies to make purchases

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 29, 2019

Voice assisted shopping could become an important trend to drive sales in the future with over half of consumers (57%) admitting that they would make smaller purchases using voice technologies.

The new research by Paysafe, however, noted that just 11% of consumers had actually used voice technologies to confirm purchases online.

Among the main reasons for using voice technologies to make purchases, 15% of consumers cited speed and convenience. Two-thirds enjoy higher levels of security when they are given more payment verification methods including voice and fingerprint.

At the same time, 81% of consumers request the use of passwords during checkout and payment processes.

According to the responses of 6,000 people in Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, the UK and US, just 18% would utilise voice technologies to make flight bookings.

Although 37% believe their financial details to be safe using voice technologies, another 45% prefer businesses to not have any personal biometric information of them.

Overall, the findings suggest that consumers may be warming up to using voice technologies to make online purchases.

Back in 2018, a study by Episerver found that a majority of shoppers (51%) didn’t consider voice technologies to be an improvement over other shopping experiences. Shoppers remained open to use chats for assistance (59%), but were weary of new technologies.

In contrast, eMarketer estimates highlight that male owners of smart speakers were more likely to research products (70%).

“Men tend to be earlier adopters of consumer tech and may be more inclined to engage in more complex functions like voice-activated purchase,” said Andrew Lipsman, a principal analyst at eMarketer. “Since they are also more frequent Amazon buyers, it makes sense that they would be leading the charge on replenishment buying via smart speakers.”