More Brazilian Millennials are viewing mobile adverts

Anne Freier | September 20, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Brazilian Millennial mobile phone users are more likely than ever before to engage with mobile adverts, according to new research from Millward Brown Brazil.
Millennial mobile users in the country now spend an average four hours a day using their devices, the survey finds. Based on the answers by 1,200 men and women aged between 14 to 55 years the MMA Mobile Report Brazil 2016 found that the number of those avoiding ads was down to 32% from 41% in 2015.
Millennial mobile users are viewing more adverts on mobile devices
Millennials are already more likely to click on mobile ads than older age groups.
Last year, the number of those saying they never attended to mobile ads stood at 30%. This year, it had dropped to 22%. However, it should be noted that the results of this study could still be due to variation in respondents.
Generally, the number of those paying attention to ads rose from 9% to 13% and for those viewing ads ‘sometimes’ the percentage rose to 65% from 62%.
Among the platforms that generated the highest ad views were YouTube and Facebook.
Though mobile devices are making adverts available at all times and location, most users prefer to see ads at home. Millennials also click on ads at a public establishment and Generation X consumers like to see them when travelling.
In terms of mobile activity, making calls is still the most popular action for 89%, followed by browsing the internet (87%) and accessing emails (85%) as well as search engines (71%). App usage is also on the rise.
In addition, Warc adspend data found that Brazilian mobile ad spending grew 68% from 2015 – making up a total of 13% of internet ad spend.

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