More apps adopting app-ads.txt standard and invalid traffic lower

Anne Freier | March 4, 2020

App Business

App-ads.txt – a standard launched by the IAB which addresses ad fraud – has seen a 5,500% surge in adoption in 2019. That translates to some 182,000 apps in Q4 2019 compared to 112,000 in Q3 2019.

Around 73% of iOS top 1,000 programmatic apps have installed the standard, according to new research by Pixalate.

The study also found that apps without app-ads.txt had 13% more invalid traffic.

The adoption of the standard on iOS devices jumped 68% and 62% on Android during the last quarter of the year.

Google was listed as a partner on app-ads.txt by 97% of all unique app-ads.txt files on apps, followed by Rubicon Project (42%) and OpenX (41%).

More than 1.2 million domains now have ads.txt installed, but sites with the standard saw 17% more invalid traffic than those without.

In Q4 2019, 75% of the top programmatic domains had ads.txt installed, down from 71% in Q1 2019.

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