More Android apps request location and camera data than iOS apps

Andy Boxall | September 3, 2018

App Business

More Android apps request access to a phone’s location and camera than iOS apps, according to a study by Symantec. The company found 45% of  Android apps request location tracking, and 46% of Android apps wanted access to the camera. In both situations, only 25% of Apple apps requested the same permissions.

There are more Android apps requesting to record audio too, with 25% of Android apps and only 9% of iOS apps. Across all Symantec’s “risky permissions” research, the results for Android were higher than iOS. Android apps can also request access to call logs and SMS messages, while this activity is not available to developers on iOS. However, more iOS apps request user’s phone number, email address, and username than Android.

Symantec writes:

“Just because an app is requesting personal information or risky device permissions, it doesn’t mean it’s up to no good. Most apps will have a good reason for doing so.”

Symantec’s research highlights the importance of transparent privacy policies and why permissions are needed, plus that users should understand why an app is requesting permission.

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