MoPub reports massive 243% increase in mobile video ad spend during 2014

MoPub has revealed video ad spend on its mobile ad marketplace has increased by more than 243% during 2014, where publishers boosted the amount of available inventory by six times during the same period. MoPub added video ads to its marketplace two years ago, to tap into the then growing programmatic video ad market expected to be worth $3.8b by 2016.
In December, 41% of MoPub’s fullscreen ad inventory was capable of running video, more than double the amount available at the beginning of the year. The company also notes video ads continue to outperform fullscreen interstitial ads in revenue. Over the final three months of 2014, video ads served by MoPub earned 29.5% more in eCPMs than non-video ads.
The amount of MoPub’s demand partners actively purchasing video ads has seen considerable growth. There are now more than 50 buying video inventory on a regular basis, a massive five times increase over the amount in January.
One of MoPub’s partners is Sega, and VP of digital marketing Mike Evans, commented:

“When it comes to monetizing with video, SEGA needs a flexible platform to help us maximize the yield and revenue potential. MoPub is our partner of choice, they’ve empowered us with the tools to manage video ads from dozens of direct advertisers, their Marketplace, and network partners; helping us to exceed our ad revenue targets.”

MoPub will continue to develop its video ads, and has recently introduced rewarded videos, a feature which has proven effective for many developers, including Fun Run 2’s team at Dirtybit, where rewarded video ads delivered by Chartboost increased ad revenue by 70%.
You can learn more about MoPub by visiting its company profile here.

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