MoPub partners with Forensiq to help fight in-app advertising fraud

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MoPub, the mobile ad exchange owned by Twitter, has partnered with ad fraud detection platform Forensiq, to help fight fraud in mobile in-app ads and improve the supply quality across over 45,000 mobile apps and 450bn monthly ad requests available on the MoPub Marketplace.
Forensiq fights mobile ad fraud
Mobile in-app programmatic advertising is among the fastest growing digital ad segments. According to MoPub, 115% more advertisers invested ad campaign dollars on MoPub Marketplace in Q4 2015 compared to the previous year.
However, with 34% of programmatic mobile ad traffic at risk of ad fraud, marketers need reassurance that the quality of their campaigns remains solid and their cash isn’t being wasted. MoPub says that it’s become paramount that marketers monitor, detect and mitigate quality issues that could potentially arise.
Janae McDonough, VP, MoPub at Twitter, says:
janae mcdonough

“As ad dollars continue to shift to mobile, it’s critical companies like MoPub and Forensiq work together to detect and mitigate fraud at scale. We want to give advertisers the confidence that mobile in-app is comprised of high quality supply — and we’re thrilled to have this partnership in place to ensure this.”

As partners, Forensiq will provide deep analysis across MoPub’s ad exchange. This should give buyers some confidence in the platform, so MoPub hopes. Forensiq analysis is based on machine learning, javascript tag analytics, IP analysis and other measures to detect mature fraud techniques.
David Sendroff, Founder & CEO of Forensiq, adds:
david sendroff

“Forensiq excels at detecting fraud on mobile in many different ways. Working with MoPub allows us to scale our technology across a massive set of people, devices, and applications. This partnership is key for the rapid growth and adoption of mobile advertising to continue.”

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