Monument Valley developer shows iOS is its runaway main source for revenue



For Monument Valley developer UsTwo, it’s Apple’s iOS that provides it with the most revenue, and it’s not by a small amount either. In its latest data release, the company showed that 73% of its revenue has come from iOS, leaving 17% from Google Play, and 3% from the Windows app store.

Since launch, Monument Valley, a clever and addictive puzzle game with a beautiful design, has pulled in just over $14,300,000 in revenue, with downloads topping 50 million in total. Interestingly, a little over 21 million of these downloads came when the app was available for free.

Monument Valley took more than 70% of its revenue from iOS

ustwo data

Additionally, the 50 million download figure is an absolute total, taking into account Chinese app store downloads, multiple device installations, and illegal app installs. Take these away, and the official tally is a little over 26 million. The developer has also shown that 2.3 million users have upgraded to the Forgotten Shores expansion.

To see the entire infographic, with more on the revenue breakdown, see the complete announcement here.

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