Moinstall launches mobile integration to engage users with TV content

Moinstall, an advertising technology brand belonging to ad firm Etoron based in Canada, has rolled out a TV and mobile integration platform that integrates native ads for TV audiences. Available products and contents shown on a TV show can then be purchased immediately.
Moinstall launches TV and mobile integration platform
The company just recently partnered with mobile communication platforms WeChat as well as INTV.
Combining mobile and TV, Moinstall’s platform can integrate pure native ads to TV audiences through a TV to mobile experience. It analyses and reports on viewers without jeopardising user identity. TV audience engagement with content can also be measured. In addition, the new platform provides actions to make products from TV shows available to consumers as soon as the products are played on TV.
So, for example, if a user spots an actress wearing a dress she would like to purchase, Moinstall integration can help to find out where the dress came from.
Sandy Shen, Co-founder, Etoron, explains:
sandy shen

“We started out purely as a mobile advertising platform but consumer behavior directed us beyond advertising towards multi-screen integration and even further into new media. There is so much research about how consumer experience spans through different screens but this is the first system that directly links TV and the audience.”

Through the latest addition, Moinstall could help change the way audiences discover new products. Driving a stronger integration between mobile and TV ultimately strengthens the impact of a campaign.

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