Mobvista Announces Mintegral, The First Native Video Ad Mediation Platform in China

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Posted: September 21, 2016

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Mobvista is dedicated to helping advertisers, publishers and affiliates achieve goals and maximize their revenue. Mobvista operates a worldwide mobile ad network, integrates ad spots and websites from 236 countries and receives more than 5 billion daily impressions.
Mobvista announced the launch of China’s first native and video ad mediation platform, Mintegral. The mobile Supply-Side Platform provides developers a global monetization solution for maximized revenue. It works by using smart algorithms and mediated international ad sources, that combine with customizable native ad formats.

What is Mintegral?
Mintegral is a monetization system, including native ad resource mediation, ad targeting, a dashboard, account teams and more. The mediation concept is more advanced than traditional platform-based mediation, and solves the problem of wasted high quality traffic when allocated to lower quality campaigns. Mintegral first mediates campaigns on all platforms and retrieves the optimal ad sources through smart and dynamic cross-locking algorithms based on developers’ requirements to match each ad spot with the right ad for results.
Eric Fang, Chief Product Officer of Mobvista, said:
Eric Fang

“High revenue, low maintenance and ease of use make up the core DNA of Mintegral. Today, Mintegral mediates over 60 industry leading ad platforms and enables the classification and retrieval of native ads. Eliminating risks and traffic waste, in trials for developers on multiple platforms Mintegral delivered a 100% fill rate of ad spots in apps. We have invested heavily in optimizing our SDK and have designed a wide variety of UI templates to address all of the various ad demands in line with developers’ different app scenarios.”

Integration of NativeX Video Ad and GameAnalytics Data Analysis
Video advertising is one of the key aspects of Mintegral. NativeX, a pioneer in mobile video ad industry with their Lightning Play Video solution, was acquired by Mobvista in February. After the business integration, NativeX’s video ad technologies are integrated into the Mintegral mediation platform. Through an easy to integrate SDK, developers can easily implement various rich media ad formats, enabling higher conversion rate and benefits for developers while ensuring positive user experiences.
Video advertising technologies are NativeX’s speciality
European mobile game data analytics company, GameAnalytics,  acquired by Mobvista in July, also enhances the data analytics capabilities of Mintegral.
Morten E. Wulff of GameAnalytics 
By providing a data analysis service for developers, GameAnalytics can deliver more precise advertising at the monetization stage.
Robin Duan, founder and CEO of Mobvista, said:
Robin Duan

“In the future, only full-stack service providers can survive. Mobvista is more than just a top advertising network. We are also a data-driven service company for developers. And we look forward to continuing the strong growth and success of our developer partners with Mintegral.”

It is predicted that the Chinese programmed purchase market will reach $7.75 billion in 2018. With the gradual evolution of mobile ecosystem, the stock proportion of programmatic advertising buys in mobile platforms is now rapidly increasing and will be the important component of the mobile advertising with growth to ten billion yuan in the next year.
Full stack ad server
To find out more information, you can visit the Mobvista site here, and the NativeX site here. 

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