Mobvista and NativeX both ranked in the Top 20 Best Performing Ad Networks of 2016

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Posted: February 13, 2017

Singular, a San Francisco based marketing analytics platform published the first ever Mobile Power ROI index. After analysing over 1,000 mobile ad networks and over 1,500 apps, Singular selected the top 20 of the world’s best performing ad networks for mobile marketers across the globe. Mobvista and its subsidiary NativeX, regarded as the rising stars on ROI are both on the top list.
On iOS ROI ad networks Rankings, Mobvista listed 7th and NativeX 17th 
On Android ROI ad networks Rankings, Mobvista listed 15th
The index aims to provide marketers with greater transparency into mobile advertising by highlighting the ad networks that are driving the most revenue into mobile apps at the lowest cost. The score also factors in market adoption as measured by the total ad spend it attracts. “One of the most ignored parts is the actual cost of driving such engagement,” Susan Kuo, chief operating officer at Singular, said “Without this, you have a critical missing data point that allows marketers to understand what the real ROI is.”
The top five iOS rankings include Facebook, AdColony, Vungle, Unity Ads, and AppLovin. The top Android rankings include Facebook, Google AdWords, AppLovin, AdColony, and AdAction. The report also names the Fyber, Motive Interactive, and Mobvista advertising networks among the fastest-growing.
Susan Kuo explains that Singular measure ad network performance using metrics like retention and revenue per install, while neglecting a major part of the picture: the cost associated with driving such engagement.
Singular’s study also have some interesting insights. They found the average cost of running ads across AdWords to be roughly the same as other leading networks on iOS, although the average revenue from users acquired through AdWords was comparatively lower. The discrepancy between the amount that iOS advertisers spend on AdWords and the revenue those dollars typically drive suggests “a market correction” on the horizon, per the findings.
Users are about 1.65-times less expensive to acquire through Android ads compared with iOS ads. Yet iOS ads drive 1.3 times higher ROI than Android ads, which means that for each dollar a marketer spends to acquire a user on iOS, they can expect to get back 1.3 times more revenue than if they had spent that dollar on Android.

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