MobPartner reveals new MobWidget app recommendation ad unit

MobPartner has announced a new mobile ad unit called ‘MobWidget,’ which offers “contextually relevant” app recommendations to users based on the mobile site, or app, they’re using at the time.
The unit offers recommendations, via real-time targeting, that are relevant to anything from videogame blogs to travel sites, and extends to recommendations based on the type of app being used. MobPartner claims this offers a “non-intrusive and personally relevant” way of app discovery.
MobPartner’s new MobWidget ad unit

MobPartner also says MobWidget has some neat customisation features, with publishers able to adjust “virtually every aspect” of the widget’s branding, as well as the number of apps displayed and the colour of the buttons inside the widget.
The unit is HTML based and can be added with a few lines of code, according to MobPartner, which is good news for the SDK-averse developers out there. Plus it’s compatible with the company’s MobBridge tool that helps publishers convert desktop browsing into mobile app installs.
Here’s what MobPartner CEO Vianney Settini had to say about his new widget:

“With MobWidget, we are giving our customers the best of both worlds – effective performance-based advertising anda positive user experience that delivers improved conversion rates for monetisation efforts. The ability to customise to such a degree means that the experience can be tailored to an individual brand, creating a seamless blend of content and discovery. As mobile advertising becomes more widespread, the risk of consumers being turned off through badly designed or irrelevant advertising increases – that’s why MobPartner is focused on creating new advertising formats and technologies that promote positive engagement.”

MobPartner hasn’t released any numbers yet, but MobWidget certainly sounds like it could drive engagement and may indeed produce more relevant, and engaged, app users for advertisers – which is something the whole industry is very keen to push toward. However, while desktop users are somewhat used to their browsing habits generating relevant advertisements, will they feel more perturbed when the mobile sites they visit are powering app recommendations? We’ll have to wait and see.
For more information on MobWidget, and on how MobPartner can help grow your revenue, head over to the MobPartner site.

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