Mobpartner research shows mobile travel ads from trusted brands are most effective

Andy Boxall | December 30, 2014

Mobile Advertising

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Mobile performance marketing platform MobPartner commissioned researchers at On Device to discover how users engaged with travel-related ads, when viewed on both laptops and mobile devices. A total of 1000 people were polled, and 38% said they had not engaged with a mobile travel ad due to concerns about spam, while 33% felt the ads were irrelevant.
Ads from well-known brands were more successful, with 32% saying they would click an ad if it was from a trusted company, and 25% of those who did click went on to make a purchase. On Device said if the source was trusted, people are also more likely to give out personal information.
A disappointing 17% of people found mobile travel ads effective, and 52% said they weren’t sure. Once an ad was clicked, 33% of people approved of the process, and 41% ended up making a purchase. Video ads proved effective, with 33% of respondents clicking one on a mobile device, while 32% saw the video ad inside a game or other app. By comparison, banner ads were clicked by 30% of users.
Djamel Agaoua, CEO of MobPartner, said:

“Once initial barriers are overcome and trust is established, users appear eager to make use of travel-related ads to get information and even book travel. This speaks to the need for offering truly helpful and relevant ads.”

Similarly, Alexandra Travlos, a client service analyst at On Device, said:

“Trusted brands, good offers and relevance are the biggest drivers for engagement with mobile ads related to travel.”

The study found smartphones were the most widely used device for travel research, but most people started off using a laptop, due to it being easier to compare sites, and to print out material. Only 29% of those who clicked an ad were guided to a mobile website, another reason for the laptop’s popularity. Interestingly, sites showing the weather were the most frequently visited, while Expedia and Kayak were the most popular comparison sites.
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