MobPartner launches search-based native ad format

MobPartner has revealed a unique mobile native ad unit called ‘MobSearch,’ which places advertising messages into an app’s search bar.
The unit takes advantage of the contextuality of search, so when a user begins typing into the search bar MobSearch will display a relevant app advertisement, using a predictive text algorithm. For instance, the example MobPartner gives is searching for World Cup information on a news app and getting a suggestion to download the official World Cup app. Check out the video below for a look at MobSearch action.
MobPartner reveals MobSearch

According to MobPartner the ad unit displays twice: Once as soon as a user opens the search bar, then as the user starts typing a new ad will display based on the text that’s being entered.
MobPartner founder and chief product officer Vianney Settini said:

“The key to MobSearch is serving ads for apps that are relevant to the user and maintaining a positive user experience. MobSearch’s algorithm matches the text a user is typing into the search field with relevant keywords and important identifying information such as user profile, location, and so on, to deliver a recommendation the user will appreciate.”

It great to see another company innovating in the field of mobile native ads, instead of just rolling out the typical in-content feed units that are now standard. We have seen similar native products recently that try to capitalise on previously unused app real estate, such as AppsFire’s Udon unit, which displays inside a content feed’s refresh bar, but MobPartner’s combination of search placement and contextual ads certainly sets it apart.
Of course, as we saw with AppsFire’s unit, MobSearch could also raise some people’s hackles. An innovative use of space for one person is an annoying invasion of every nook and cranny of an app for another! For more information on MobSearch check out the MobPartner website.

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