MobPartner Launches Publisher App for Android

MobPartner, the premium mobile advertising network, have just launched a publisher-focused app (currently only available for Android devices) that will enable them to keep track of ongoing campaigns, earnings and transactions made in real time.
MobPartner App 1
Designed for publishers on the MobPartner network, the app automatically downloads important stats from MobPartner Publisher accounts and displays them effortlessly on touch screen devices. The data is aggregated, and publishers can opt to have it delivered on demand whenever they choose . Flexible and pretty powerful, the app delivers customized stats as and when MobPartner Publishers need them such as:

  • Real-time stats from the last 30 days
  • Earnings from the highest to the lowest
  • Campaign trend graphs

Publishers also have plenty of sorting options for the stats that they choose to be delivered, from high-low earnings to campaigns in alphabetical order.
MobPartner App 3
Although only available for Android devices for now, MobPartner are currently developing an iOS and HTML5 web version so pretty soon every MobPartner publisher will be able to take advantage of this useful app.
MobyAffiliates users who have downloaded and used the app are invited to provide MobPartner with their feedback via this survey here. Don’t forget that MobPartner’s quick and easy Android Publisher SDK is available to download on the site.

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