MobPartner launches MobRetail Tracking Platform

MobPartner has announced the MobRetail Tracking Platform, a new technology that allows retailers to measure how mobile usage affects their in-store traffic and sales. The aim of the platform is to help retailers understand customers’ behaviour through their mobile activity.
The system works by using in-store beacon technology that allows it to monitor a user’s purchases and mobile actions – it then compares this data to out and about and home activity to form a conclusion about the real-time ROI impact, which retailers can then use to adapt their strategies to. They can also determine the lifetime value of users through specific metrics such as ‘Mobile Store Visit and Purchase’ and ‘Total Amount Purchased’ for optimizing their future ad campaigns.
MobPartner’s own research into mobile commerce has shown a clear relationship between shopping behaviour in both online and offline forms: 92% research before buying items in a physical store, and more than 70% ‘showroom’ on their mobile devices while they are inside the store itself.
Vianney Settini, the co-founder of MobPartner, had this to say:

“Understanding how mobile can help to drive in-store conversions is key to a retail brand’s strategy. With MobRetail, retailers now have unparalleled, granular levels of insight into the customer journey from mobile to a physical store. This allows retailers to deliver highly targeted and creative loyalty campaigns, which will not just attract traffic in-store but also optimize existing mobile ad spend for user acquisition campaigns.”

App developers can start using the MobRetail Tracking Platform by logging into their MobPartner accounts and installing the  SDK. MobRetail supports the iPhone 4S and onwards, iPad Mini, iPad 3 and onwards, and all Android OS devices running 4.3 and higher.
For more information check out the MobPartner profile on our directory.

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