Mobobeat Launches its Media Buying Tool

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Partner Post - Mobobeat Best Mobile Performance Network

Posted: October 13, 2016

Kalyan Alajangi is Lead Media Buying and Product Management at Mobobeat. He has been in the Ad-Tech space for over 6 + years. He has worked on various roles from Ad Operations , Sales , Publisher Integrations , Media Buying and Product Development.

Media buying in Mobile is growing rapidly in the Mobile advertising market with more than 70% of ad spend in US and this has been purchased via programmatic.
In programmatic Media Buying, most platforms provide the access to the inventory on different publishers,sites and categories, but when it comes to CTR’s and CR’s media buyers are disappointed.
To bring  the best results to your mobile campaigns, Mobobeat brings out the comprehensive Media Buying tool which will allow you to buy all types of Mobile inventory with Banners, Tags and Videos.
Media Buying

The tool provides the salient features on appropriate targeting, monitoring of the campaign for every 6-12 hours and auto optimising it with the desired CPA/CPI provided by buyer, consolidated data with all the metrics to analyze the quality, IP and Device-based targeting for each geo and creative level optimization.
Key Features of our Network:

  • 50+ Direct websites and apps and 100+ publishers.

Mobobeat is integrated with  mobile websites and applications that provide quality users across countries.  Our top performing categories include Shopping, Gaming, Entertainment, Utilities and Social which give us more than 100M impressions per day.

  • Seats on all major Exchanges

Having seats on all major platforms and integration with top publishers around the world, we provide access to the best performing apps/sites and publishers in the Media Buying tool.  This enables advertisers  to target the top performing sites in terms of quality.

  • High CTR’s (upto 2% for mobile and video).

Using our proprietary Auto-Optimization algorithm , campaigns run on top performing placements , thereby delivering the best results.

  • Account support + Adops Support.

We will provide the best account  and operations support to reach your targets every day with our industry best experienced people.
For additional info on how to integrate and start Buying inventory through Mobobeat MB tool, visit our website and feel free to contact the Mobobeat team at